Sunday Sessions

Welcome to Burrow Bar takes over Cash Only Diner! 

Some Sunday fun in the sun. That's our vibe.


If you're feeling peckish, we've got the best bar food in Sydney. See a condensed selection of tasty treats from our talented chef friends upstairs at Cash Only Diner

House Pickles $6 *
Crisp housemade pickles
Crackaroni and Peas $6 *
Made lovingly on site. Puffed macaroni and chickpeas, tossed in pho seasoning.
Vietnamese Pate $14 3pc*
House made pate serve on crispy banh hoi.
Feeling special? Add caviar for $30 
Vietnamese Cured Pork $17*
House made cured pork called Thit Ngam Mam, sliced think and sitting on a woven sheet of vermicelli.
CO Beef Tartare $27*
Called Bò tái chanh in Vietnam, our tartare is flavoured with citrus and Viet aromats and herbs. Served on a sesame crisps. 3pcs.
CO Salmon Tartare $30*
Sashimi grade salmon prepared with Vietnamese herbs, green apple and calamansi. There are only 5 plates available a day and often we sell out.
Cash Only Spring Rolls $16 *
The chefs upstairs make it all from scratch, you'll be fighting over the last one. Available in Vegan form, please ask our staff when ordering.
Grilled King Prawns $12 each
Made lovingly by the chefs upstairs, fresh prawns grilled with Bun Bo Hue chilli relish and house spicy sawse.
Kick'n Wings $14 *
Crispy and saucy tamarind fish sauce wings. Absolutely amazing.
Crispy Skin Chicken $14 *
One of those dishes people travel for - Maryland, glaze-finished to near reflection.
Bò Lúc Lắc Skewers $21
Grilled black pepper beef, we recommend you grab a side serve of lettuce and Viet herbs so you can make your own tasty lettuce wraps.
Beef wrapped in Wild Betel Leaf $20
The chefs upstairs make it all from scratch, you'll be fighting over the last one.
Pork Skewers with Caramel Glaze $10 ea
Thit Kho glazed pork belly ribbons grilled to perfection.
Lemongrass and Turmeric Grilled Chicken $20
Incredibly aromatic and flavourful chicken served with nuoc cham.
Grilled squid with Viet style harissa and black garlic $26
Fresh squid grilled to perfection on a bed of aromatic tomato, black garlic, fresh apple and dill. Only available until 9.30pm.
Green Apple and Mango Salad $22 *
Green mango, prawn and zesty green apple salad.
Chicken Salad $22 *
Traditional Vietnamese poached chicken, with herbs and zesty shredded cabbage.
Bun Bo Hue $20 *
Better than Pho. Seriously. Not even a challenge. Fragrant lemongrass and chilli beefy broth with bouncy rice noodles and a medley of beef toppings. IYKYK.
Cash Only Fried Rice $13 / $20
Rice, chinese sausage, garlic shoot, egg, ginger, sesame and chicharron.
Braised Pork $24 *
Slow braised pork belly - thit kho. We recommend having it with a side of Crack rice.
Crack rice $8 *
Marinated egg, rice and chicharron dust. Goes amazing with our wings or braised pork.
Mochi Pandan Waffles $12 *
Pandan and coconut waffles, topped with toasted coconut and coconut caramel.
Vietnamese coffee creme caramel $14 *
A milk creme caramel is encased in coffee jelly. Surrounded by seasonal berries and orange gel.


 * Late night menu. Items still available after 11pm.

Last orders for food is 11.25pm sharp.

Sunday Session Cocktails


Kaffir Lime Mojito $15
Kaffir infused Bacardi rum, a medley of shiso, mint and peppermint, lime and soda. Banging.
'Treuse spiked mimosa $15
Tall and served highball style. We spike the mimosa with yellow Chartreuse to extra healing properties.
Aperol Spritz $15
Straight up classic. Needs no introduction. Surely.
Green Machine highball $15
Matcha infused Johnnie Walker Green Label, with pandan and lime soda. When bougie you needs a baller remedy.
"The one" Bloody Mary $15
Garlic stem Grainshaker vodka, tomato, mam nem (a secrete umami bomb from Vietnam), sriracha and lime. This will turbo charge your recovery to happiness. Add a baller garnish of wing and spring roll for $5
I was in 'Nam $20
Slow drip Viet coffee gets shaken with bourbon and what is born, is a badass mocha-esqu milkshake. Yum.


Classique Cocktails


Blue Daiquiri $21
If happiness could be bottled it would be this. Blue, 'cause why not. Rum, tart, quaffable.
Tommy's Margarita $21
Classic. Delicious. Agave nectar. Tequila. Lime.
Rye Old Fashioned $22
Stirred. Serious. Tasty AF.
(We'll let you in on a secret, ask for a baller upgrade and choose to sub a spirit off the back bar)
Negroni $20
Classic. We barrel age our house blended negroni so it'll be a little woody and damn tasty.


Feeling adventurous...?
Go off menu and have a little chat to us about what you like and don't like...



Heineken $11
Holland. 5% 330ml
Malt Shovel XPA $11
New South Wales. 4.8% 355ml
BentSpoke Barley Griffin Pale Ale $12
ACT. 4.2% 375ml
Inedit Damm $12
Barcelona. 4.8% 330ml
Voodoo Ranger IPA $13
U.S.A. 6.8% 355ml
Boatrocker “Miss Pinky” Raspberry Berliner Weisse $14
Victoria. 3.4% 375ml
Heineken 0.0% $8
Netherlands. 0.1%
Napoleon Pear Cider $12
Yarra Valley VIC. 4.5% 330ml
Royal Jamaica Ginger Beer $14
Jamaica. 4.4% 355ml
Kaiju "Golden Axe" Crisp Apple Cider $10.50
Victoria. 5.2% 375ml


Maybe nibbles, definitely wine

Burrow Bar Blanc de Blanc
$11 glass $45 bottle
NV. None of your business, Australia.
Taittinger Champagne
$191 bottle
NV. Champagne, France.
Burrow Bar Pinot Gris
$10 glass $45 bottle
20xx. None of your business, Australia.
Totara Sauvignon Blanc
$14 glass $50 bottle
2019. Marlborough, New Zealand.
Tormaresca Chardonnay
$12 glass $54 bottle
2018. Puglia, Italy.
Chateau Petit Roubie Picpoul de Pinet
$90 bottle
2018. Languedoc-Roussillon, France.
Chaffey Bros 'Kontrapunkt' Kerner
$81 bottle
2019, Eden Valley, SA, Australia.
Pala I Fiori Vermentino
$15 glass $63 bottle
2019. Sardinia, Italy.
Reverie Rose
$13 glass $53 bottle
2019. Langue d'Oc, France.
Conde Valdemar Crianza Tempranillo
$15 glass $68 bottle
2019, Alba, Italy
Chatteau Cambon Gamay
$121 bottle
2018. Beaujolais, France.
Bodegas Patrocinio 'Zinio' Tempranillo
$15 glass $51 bottle
2019. Rioja Alta, Spain.
Trediberri Rosato Nebbiolo
$71 bottle
2019. Piemonte, Italy.
Conde Valdemar Crianza Tempranillo
$10 glass $54 bottle
2019, Rioja, Spain


Can't talk, eating

Te Mata Sauvignon Blanc
$72 bottle
2020. Marlborough, New Zealand.
Palliser Estate Reisling
$14 glass $68 bottle
2019. Martinborough, NZ.
Balthasar Ress Hattenheim Schutzenhaus Kabinett Riesling
$119 bottle
2016. Rheingau, Germany.
Guilot-Broux Macon-Villages Blanc Chardonnay
$158 bottle
2017. Maconnais, France.
Hugel Gentil
$15 glass $68 bottle
2018, Alsace, France.
Loimer 'Lois' Gruner Veltliner
$16 glass $86 bottle
2019. Kamptal, Austria.
Saint Clair 'Origin' Gruner Veltliner
$15 glass $71 bottle
2017. Marlborough, New Zealand.
Forest Hill Estate Gerwurtztraminer
$16 glass $73 bottle
2018. Mount Barker, South Australia, Australia.
Alamos Torrontes
$12 glass $63 bottle
2019. Argentina.
Poggio Anima 'Lilith' Primitivo
$13 glass $61 bottle
2019. Salento, Italy.
Wickham Road Pinot Noir
$64 bottle
2020. Yarra Valley, Australia.
Magpie Estate 'Fakir' Grenache
$14 glass $73 bottle
2019. Barossa, Australia.
Burrow Bar Shiraz
$11 glass $50 bottle
20xx. None of your business, Australia.
Pala I Fiori Cannonau
$15 glass $68 bottle
2018. Sardinia, Italy.
Vincent Paris 'VDP Collines Rhodaniennes' Syrah
$90 bottle
2019. Rhone, France.
Prunotto Barbera D'Alba
$13 glass $62 bottle
2019, Alba, Italy


Cheeky nightcap

Reverie Chardonnay
$12 glass $53 bottle
2019. Langue d'Oc, France.
Knauss 'Weiss'
$18 glass $95 bottle
2016. Wuttemberg, Germany.
Enderle & Moll Muller Thurgau
$102 bottle
2018. Baden, Germany.
Fricando Albana
$90 bottle
2018. Emilia-Romagna, Italy, Germany.
Burton McMahon 'Syme' Pinot Noir
$111 bottle
2019. Yarra Valley, Australia.
Conde Valdemar Rioja Crianza Tempranillo
$13 glass $68 bottle
2016. Rioja, Spain.
Domaine de la Guicharde Cotes-du-Rhone 'Pur Rouge' Syrah blend
$18 glass $95 bottle
2018. Rhone, France.
Clyde Park Shiraz
$102 bottle
2017. Geelong, Australia.


10% Surcharge on Sundays and Public Holidays
1.5% Surcharge on Credit Payments