Welcome drinks

Firstly, congratulations on a phenomenal year and being one of the fastest growing tech companies in Australia! Thank you to Deloitte for inviting a small bar to make you your welcome drinks.
We're excited to be taking part in your virtual interactive cocktail class as we make your celebration tipples tonight.
Just because we're distant, doesn't mean we can't still connect, cheers each other, and have a ball making them. In the kit you would have recieved all the ingredients you will need, please go through the list below of other bits you will need to set up and ensure they are ready to go.

Prep before the big event

1 spoon
1 tall glass for the final drink (a short glass or coupette is fine)
Knife and chopping board
Ice cubes (LOTS - how ever much you think you need... double it)
1x tupperware container or Jar (airtight/water tight or a protein shaker works great) 
*inside your pack you have a fresh lemon, piccollo of sparkling wine, a small non-alcoholic vermouth and Fever Tree tonic. Please pop these in the fridge to make sure they are chilled*

A bit about Burrow Bar

Burrow Bar is a small boutique cocktails and spirits bar hidden in the heart of the city. We are owner operated and independent, first opening our doors in December 2015. Known for our big hearts. Our small bar is as well regarded as we are loved. Some of the nominations have included  Australian Bartender Magazine's Bar of the Year, NSW Bar of the Year and Small Bar of the Year for 2019, and TimeOut Cocktail Bar of the Year. Co-owners Bryce McDonough and Chau Tran will be your host for the evening as we take you through making a French 75. Thank you sincerely for letting us be able to still shake and stir during this crazy year. We can't wait to see you virtually.
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