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Small bar

Big hearts

Sydney hospitality

Boutique and hidden

Burrow Bar

We are...

A hidden basement in the heart of Sydney, escape the bustle and unlock nostalgic sensations.
We aim to tantalise and remind you of simpler times.
Whether you prefer a cocktail, craft beers, boutique spirits, or a glass of wine... every visit is a different experience.


Amazing food and drinks in a comfortable, huggy atmosphere!

K Joyce


Great location, nice atmosphere, wonderful drink, and unbelievably delicious beef.

BH Huang

These are trying times.
Sydney had a rather traumatic Summer in 2020 filled with fires and floods. As we head into a scary Autumn, small businesses like us rely on being open, if we can't open and do what we love the most, to serve, we must look for other ways to pay our bills. Please peruse the items below and throw a little more love our way.

X The Hug Army
a.k.a The Agressively Affectionate Toe Tappers 2021

Our Bar

Basement, 96 Clarence st,
Sydney CBD
Tuesday - Sunday

5pm - midnight

0450 466 674

Email: curious@burrowbar.com.au

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