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We Shake. We Stir. We even make drinks.


If you're feeling peckish, we've got the best bar food in Sydney. See a condensed selection of tasty treats from our talented chef friends upstairs at Cash Only Diner - an awesome Vietnamese restaurant. Check them out.

House Pickles $6 *
Crisp housemade pickles
Crackaroni and Peas $6 *
Made lovingly on site. Puffed macaroni and chickpeas, tossed in pho seasoning.
Vietnamese Pate $18 3pc*
CO Beef Tartare $27*
Called Bò tái chanh in Vietnam, our tartare is flavoured with citrus and Viet aromats and herbs. Served on a sesame crisps. 3pcs.
Cash Only Spring Rolls $18 3pc*
The chefs upstairs make it all from scratch, you'll be fighting over the last one. Available in Vegan form, please ask our staff when ordering.
Green Spring-Rice Crumbed Prawns $20 4pcs*
Made lovingly by the chefs upstairs, fresh prawns crumbed with chewy spring rice and served house sriracha mayo sawse.
Kick'n Wings $18 *
Crispy and saucy tamarind fish sauce wings. Absolutely amazing.
Crispy Skin Chicken $18 *
One of those dishes people travel for - Maryland, glaze-finished to near reflection.
Bò Lúc Lắc Skewers $23
Grilled black pepper beef, we recommend you grab a side serve of lettuce and Viet herbs so you can make your own tasty lettuce wraps.
Beef wrapped in Wild Betel Leaf $22
The chefs upstairs make it all from scratch, you'll be fighting over the last one.
Pork Skewers with Caramel Glaze $12 ea
Thit Kho glazed pork belly ribbons grilled to perfection.
Lemongrass and Turmeric Grilled Chicken $22
Incredibly aromatic and flavourful chicken served with nuoc cham.
Five Spiced Short Rib $44
Beef short ribs with a five spiced glaze that melts in your mouth.
Grilled squid with Viet style harissa and Black Garlic $34
Fresh squid grilled to perfection on a bed of aromatic tomato, black garlic, fresh apple and dill. Only available until 9.30pm.
Duck breast with Finger Lime and Chao $32
Duck with traditional fermented bean curd sauce, with finger lime and traditional nuoc mam pickles. Only available until 9.30pm. Limited serves daily.
Green Apple and Mango Salad with Tiger Prawns $25 *
Green mango, prawn and zesty green apple salad.
Bun Bo Hue $22.5 *
Better than Pho. Seriously. Not even a challenge. Fragrant lemongrass and chilli beefy broth with bouncy rice noodles and a medley of beef and pork toppings. IYKYK.
Cash Only Fried Rice $15 / $23
Rice, chinese sausage, garlic shoot, egg, ginger, sesame and chicharron.
Crack rice $8 *
Marinated egg, rice and chicharron dust. Goes amazing with our wings or braised pork.
Banana Biscoff Cheesecake $16 *
Smoked fior di latte, mascarpone and cream cheeses velveted on a biscoff base topped with cashew praline and coconut cashew dust. Finished with a rum ganache.
Mochi Pandan Waffles $14 *
Pandan and coconut waffles, topped with toasted coconut and coconut caramel.


 * Late night menu. Items still available after 11pm.

Last orders for food is 11.25pm sharp.





Signature Cocktails


Taste like disco ............ $24
Turn down the lights, turn up that collar, it's roller derby time. George Michael and all his chest hair is callin' you and your bellbottoms to the dance floor.
Textured... Berry-heavy... Pineapple goodness


Flute! (There it is) ............ $23
More Godfather II than any Marvel garbage made for millenials, this sequel is here to rock worlds. Or Put the Foam in Foam-O. Or the foam on a neat little mimosa riff with an acidic touch of magic. Mostly the later.
Tangy ... Orange but cooler... Layered nirvana
Smoke Signals to Venus ............ $23
The Love god, not some rock a million miles away. Did you hear about Pluto? That's messed up, right? This smoky sultress of a drink will never ask you a rhetorical question, will it now.
Earthy... Whisps of campfire... Tiki-fruit combo
Quince-adince? I think not............ $24
Did you know the word for 'coincidence' and the word for 'smoked apple candy vibes in a drink for the ages' are the same in Chinese? What are the odds! (warning - may not be true...)
Eulogy............ $24
Reviving a corpse to get The Last Word would be only fractionally harder than blending these two classics into a heady conction that makes you wish you didn;t have to wake up... so we're not sparing the suggestion.
Punchy... Vanilla-floral ... One more please
Hades Gonna Hade ............ $24
Devilishly delicious with a slight tip of the cap to El Diablo himself, what sounds like an upscale almond latte drinks like a smoking hot weekend south of the border. Not our border, Victoria sucks. More of a Sinatra quote than anything.
Heady roast... Macadamia milk... Tingly



Oldies but Goodies

Feeling like a classic? With a million OG classics to choose from, we have picked a few from the books we feel we can enjoy together.


Brown Derby............ $24
The wonders of citrus were discovered zonks ago, and luckily someone figured out really quickly just how much they improved booze. And that was theircrappy booze. Grapefruit, maple and a whole bunch of bourbon. ~ 1930 The Savoy Cocktail Book
Cadillac ............ $24
We assume the name is short for "The Cadillac of Margaritas: cos that's what we are drinking here. Well... you are at least, if you ask nicely.
Canchanchara............ $24
What if we told you the Daiquiri had a Grandad who was sweet, a little bitey, but just as charming? I would say you're torturing the metaphor, but this drink doesn't care either way. As Old-school as the colonialism this drink helped fight, Cuba knows what's up.
The Malaguena........... $24
Venezuelan Folk music isn't our category choice on Jeopardy, but we know enough to know these catchy tunes from the 1960's inspired someone to pour stardust into magic. Or rum into amaro...same same.
New York Sazerac............ $25
The Sazerac is so old they didn't even have ice. Just weird. Works tho (we may cheat a little with an ices glass - don't tell


Feeling adventurous...?
Go off menu and have a little chat to us about what you like and don't like...


Tap beer

Tooheys Old
NSW, Australia. 4.4%.
Brooklyn Lager

Mountain Culture 'Status Quo' Pale Ale


Red Bitter $9
It is what it is... Don't judge us, we wont judge you...
Australia. 3.8%
Kaiju! Krush Tropical Pale Ale $12
Vic, Australia. 4.7%
Willie the Boatman 'Nectar of the Hops' NEIPA $15
New South Wales 5.8%


Rodenbach Grand Cru $26 

Mornington Brown Ale $11
Victoria. 5.0%
Riverside Brewing '44 Red Ale' $14
A rich and malty red ale, with tropical and pine notes from Riverside Brewing. North Paramatta. 5.0%
Range Brewing Oktoberfest Hefeweizen 440ml $16
Bacchus Imperial Hibiscus Saison $26
A refreshing & vibrant floral saison from one of Australia's best breweries
QLD 11.0%
One Drop Hazy Pale Ale $16
Marrickville. 4.5%
Custard and Co Vintage Dry Cider $12
Western Australia. 5.5%
Hills Imperial Sour Cider $14
Tasmania. 7.0%
Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer $14
Victoria. 5.0%
Balter Captain Sensible $9
Queensland. 3.5%
Bridge Road Free Time Pale Ale $9
Victoria. Non-Alcoholic Beer <0.5%




Bubbles, Blanc and Pink


Burrow Bar Blanc de Blanc
$11 glass $45 bottle 
$130 bottle
NV. Champagne, France. 
Burrow Bar Pinot Gris
$11 glass $45 bottle
20xx. None of your business, Australia.
Hugel Gentil
$15 glass $68 bottle
2018, Alsace, France.
Chaffey Bros 'Zeitpunkt' Riesling
$17 glass $76.50 bottle
2021, Springton, SA.
Gilbert Rose
$15 glass $68 bottle
2022. Sangiovese, Merlot, Zinfandel, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Spain.





Burrow Bar Sangiovese
$11 glass $50 bottle
20xx. None of your business, Australia.
Pala I Fiori Cannonau
$15 glass $68 bottle
2018. Sardinia, Italy.
Georges Deboeuf Beaujolais
$14 glass $62 bottle
2020, Beaujolais, France
Tonic Wines Malbec
$20 glass $90 bottle
2020, Clare Valley, South Australia


10% Surcharge on Sundays and Public Holidays
1.5% Surcharge on Credit Payments
10% Surcharge on Groups of 6 More
Menu updated: July 2023