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It is wonderful to be shaking and stirring for you!

Chef Collab Snack

From the April 11 - May 23 we are featuring chef snacks created by @manufeidelofficial, @annapolyviou and @lukehinesonline (check them out on insta... they're a big deal). This week's snack is created by Anna Polyviou. 

OG Cookie Dough Sandwich $10 *
Chocolate Chip Cookie, Milk Chocolate Flake & Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream


If you're feeling peckish, we've got the best bar food in Sydney. See a condensed selection of tasty treats from our talented chef friends upstairs at Cash Only Diner

House Pickles $6 *
Crisp housemade pickles
Crackaroni and Peas $6 *
Made lovingly on site. Puffed macaroni and chickpeas, tossed in pho seasoning.
Vietnamese Pate $14 3pc*
House made pate serve on crispy banh hoi.
Feeling special? Add caviar for $30 
Vietnamese Cured Pork $17*
House made cured pork called Thit Ngam Mam, sliced think and sitting on a woven sheet of vermicelli.
CO Beef Tartare $27*
Called Bò tái chanh in Vietnam, our tartare is flavoured with citrus and Viet aromats and herbs. Served on a sesame crisps. 3pcs.
CO Salmon Tartare $30*
Sashimi grade salmon prepared with Vietnamese herbs, green apple and calamansi. There are only 5 plates available a day and often we sell out.
Cash Only Spring Rolls $16 *
The chefs upstairs make it all from scratch, you'll be fighting over the last one. Available in Vegan form, please ask our staff when ordering.
Grilled King Prawns $12 each
Made lovingly by the chefs upstairs, fresh prawns grilled with Bun Bo Hue chilli relish and house spicy sawse.
Kick'n Wings $14 *
Crispy and saucy tamarind fish sauce wings. Absolutely amazing.
Crispy Skin Chicken $14 *
One of those dishes people travel for - Maryland, glaze-finished to near reflection.
Bò Lúc Lắc Skewers $21
Grilled black pepper beef, we recommend you grab a side serve of lettuce and Viet herbs so you can make your own tasty lettuce wraps.
Beef wrapped in Wild Betel Leaf $20
The chefs upstairs make it all from scratch, you'll be fighting over the last one.
Pork Skewers with Caramel Glaze $10 ea
Thit Kho glazed pork belly ribbons grilled to perfection.
Lemongrass and Turmeric Grilled Chicken $20
Incredibly aromatic and flavourful chicken served with nuoc cham.
Grilled squid with Viet style harissa and black garlic $26
Fresh squid grilled to perfection on a bed of aromatic tomato, black garlic, fresh apple and dill. Only available until 9.30pm.
Green Apple and Mango Salad $22 *
Green mango, prawn and zesty green apple salad.
Chicken Salad $22 *
Traditional Vietnamese poached chicken, with herbs and zesty shredded cabbage.
Bun Bo Hue $20 *
Better than Pho. Seriously. Not even a challenge. Fragrant lemongrass and chilli beefy broth with bouncy rice noodles and a medley of beef toppings. IYKYK.
Cash Only Fried Rice $13 / $20
Rice, chinese sausage, garlic shoot, egg, ginger, sesame and chicharron.
Braised Pork $24 *
Slow braised pork belly - thit kho. We recommend having it with a side of Crack rice.
Crack rice $8 *
Marinated egg, rice and chicharron dust. Goes amazing with our wings or braised pork.
Mochi Pandan Waffles $12 *
Pandan and coconut waffles, topped with toasted coconut and coconut caramel.


 * Late night menu. Items still available after 11pm.

Last orders for food is 11.25pm sharp.


Signature Cocktails


Avec Nous $21
In honour of Chartreuse 1605 celebrations. Green Charteuse, Cointreau, white rum, citric and lime to create a divine intervention of the tastebuds.
Sparkles at Sunset $19
Margarita spritz with honeydew, Patron Reposado, Martini Bitter and our Burrow Bar blanc de blanc! Fresh, delicious and the perfect drink for Margarita day! 
Springtime in Paris $21
Simple but dreamy. Fruity rum and blue come together in this creamy, delicious libation 
Smoke & Poke $23
A well rounded yet boozy aperitif style drink with mezcal, cognac and apricot.
Fine-apple $20
An elegant take on tiki using rye whiskey, sour pineapple and herbal spirits to make a delicious and fragrant delight.
Berry Booze-Wah $21
Refined and distinguished. Gin with berries and bitter are masterfully combined to create a delight for everyone to enjoy.
Pandan Express $20
Over the top tiki, how it should be. Rum and whiskey with a fruit salad of flavours makes for a libation as fun as it is delicious


Oldies but Goodies

Feeling like a classic? Our bartender's have chosen their favourite forgotten libations below.


Knickerbocker $20
Tiki before tiki knew what it was. A Jerry Thomas original with rum, raspberry and citrus.
Bijou $21
Elegant and perfect for readying the appetite. With gin, chartreuse and bitter this drink truly is a jewel by any measure.
OP Dark & Stormy $25
The classic turned turbo. Gosling overproof, lime and Royal Jamaican ginger beer. WARNING: CONTAINS GOOD TIMES.
Hoop La! $21
Classic by every definition. Cognac, dry vermouth, curacao and citrus make for a refreshing combination that leaves you wanting more.
Bishop $20
A new way to look at spiced wine. Earthy, spicy and delicious.


Feeling adventurous...?
Go off menu and have a little chat to us about what you like and don't like...


Australian Cocktail Month

For the month of May, we're joining bars around Australia to celebrate the wonderful craft that makes us bounce into work every day. If you head to @australian_cocktail_month #australiancocktailmonth and grab a ticket you'll be able to access specials at 145 great bars across 12 cities. Our cocktails are below.  

Catch Me If You Can $20
An all-star cast of flavours from exotic places hero our Scottish protagonist. Velveted Balvenie 12-year-old with agave falernum and a duo of citrus make this quaffable wonder a delight. Flash your ACM ticket and it'll cost $14.
Classic Rematch $20
This stellar explosion of Australian flavours is a spectacular champagne supernova. Australian Regal Rogue rose vermouth, Adelaide Hills Italian bitter and champagne syrup are stirred down and served classically old fashioned. Flash your ACM ticket and it'll cost $14.
Build me / Love Me $15 (Non Alc)
The most fun you can have staying dry. Creaming soda syrup, Lyre's Italian spritz and Fever tree spiked with Peychauds is served tall and fizzy. Flash your ACM ticket and it'll cost $10.


Tap beer

Tooheys Old
NSW, Australia. 4.4%.
Brooklyn Lager

Reckless Brewing Pale Ale
Easy & bright Pale Ale, with some light bitterness ate the end
NSW, Australia 4.6%
Range Brewing Quite Frankly IPA $15
New England / Hazy IPA with notes of berry, papaya, lychee and passionfruit. QLD. 6.5%



Red Bitter $9
New South Wales. 4.0%
Akasha Hopsmith IPA $14
New South Wales. 6.8%
Kaiju! Krush Tropical Pale Ale $12
Vic, Australia. 4.7%
Hope Estate NEIPA 7.2 $15
New South Wales 7.2%
Rodenbach Grand Cru $16
 Belgium 6.0%
Hop Nation "The Punch" Mango Gose $14
Victoria. 4.0%
One Drop Calypso Blues 440ml $26
Botany. 8.3%
Mornington Brown Ale $11
Victoria. 5.0%
Range Brewing Imperial Pastry Sour w/Sour Blueberry and Guava $22
Mountain Culture Moon Dust Stout $14
New South Wales 5.6%
Mountain Culture Trust Falls Hefeweizen $16
New South Wales 5.4%
Mayday Brewing Wildberry Farmhouse Ale 700ml $60
700ml. Victoria. 6.9%
Custard and Co Vintage Dry Cider $12
Western Australia. 5.5%
Hills Imperial Sour Cider $14
Adelaide. 8.0%
Willie Smith Kingston Black 700ml $55
Tasmania. 7.0%
Royal Jamaica Ginger Beer $14
Victoria. 5.0%
Balter Captain Sensible $9
Queensland. 3.5%
Bridge Road Free Time Pale Ale $9
Victoria. Non-Alcoholic Beer <0.5%


Bubbles, Blanc and Pink


Burrow Bar Blanc de Blanc
$11 glass $45 bottle 
$130 bottle
NV. Champagne, France. 
Burrow Bar Pinot Gris
$11 glass $45 bottle
20xx. None of your business, Australia.
Hugel Gentil
$15 glass $68 bottle
2018, Alsace, France.
Palliser Estate Riesling
$14 glass $63 bottle
2018, Martinborough, NZ.
Conde Valdemar Rose
$13 glass $54 bottle
2018. Rioja, Spain.





Burrow Bar Shiraz
$11 glass $50 bottle
20xx. None of your business, Australia.
Pala I Fiori Cannonau
$15 glass $68 bottle
2018. Sardinia, Italy.
Prunotto Barbera D'Alba
$13 glass $62 bottle
2019, Alba, Italy
Conde Valdemar Crianza Tempranillo
$15 glass $68 bottle
2019, Alba, Italy


10% Surcharge on Sundays and Public Holidays
1.5% Surcharge on Credit Payments