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Welcome to Burrow Bar! 

It is wonderful to be shaking and stirring for you!


If you're feeling peckish, we've got the best bar food in Sydney. See a condensed selection of tasty treats from our talented chef friends upstairs at Cash Only Diner

House Pickles $6 *
Crisp housemade pickles
Crackaroni and Peas $6 *
Made lovingly on site. Puffed macaroni and chickpeas, tossed in pho seasoning.
Vietnamese Pate $14 3pc*
House made pate serve on crispy banh hoi.
Feeling special? Add caviar for $30 
Vietnamese Cured Pork $17*
House made cured pork called Thit Ngam Mam, sliced think and sitting on a woven sheet of vermicelli.
CO Beef Tartare $27*
Called Bò tái chanh in Vietnam, our tartare is flavoured with citrus and Viet aromats and herbs. Served on a sesame crisps. 3pcs.
CO Salmon Tartare $30*
Sashimi grade salmon prepared with Vietnamese herbs, green apple and calamansi. There are only 5 plates available a day and often we sell out.
Cash Only Spring Rolls $16 *
The chefs upstairs make it all from scratch, you'll be fighting over the last one. Available in Vegan form, please ask our staff when ordering.
Grilled King Prawns $12 each
Made lovingly by the chefs upstairs, fresh prawns grilled with Bun Bo Hue chilli relish and house spicy sawse.
Kick'n Wings $14 *
Crispy and saucy tamarind fish sauce wings. Absolutely amazing.
Crispy Skin Chicken $17 *
One of those dishes people travel for - Maryland, glaze-finished to near reflection.
Bò Lúc Lắc Skewers $21
Grilled black pepper beef, we recommend you grab a side serve of lettuce and Viet herbs so you can make your own tasty lettuce wraps.
Beef wrapped in Wild Betel Leaf $20
The chefs upstairs make it all from scratch, you'll be fighting over the last one.
Pork Skewers with Caramel Glaze $10 ea
Thit Kho glazed pork belly ribbons grilled to perfection.
Lemongrass and Turmeric Grilled Chicken $20
Incredibly aromatic and flavourful chicken served with nuoc cham.
Grilled squid with Viet style harissa and black garlic $26
Fresh squid grilled to perfection on a bed of aromatic tomato, black garlic, fresh apple and dill. Only available until 9.30pm.
Duck breast with finger lime and chao $32
Duck with traditional fermented bean curd sauce, with finger lime and traditional nuoc mam pickles. Only available until 9.30pm. Limited serves daily.
Green Apple and Mango Salad with tiger prawns $22 *
Green mango, prawn and zesty green apple salad.
Chicken Salad $22 *
Traditional Vietnamese poached chicken, with herbs and zesty shredded cabbage.
Bun Bo Hue $20 *
Better than Pho. Seriously. Not even a challenge. Fragrant lemongrass and chilli beefy broth with bouncy rice noodles and a medley of beef toppings. IYKYK.
Cash Only Fried Rice $13 / $20
Rice, chinese sausage, garlic shoot, egg, ginger, sesame and chicharron.
Braised Pork $24 *
Slow braised pork belly - thit kho. We recommend having it with a side of Crack rice.
Crack rice $8 *
Marinated egg, rice and chicharron dust. Goes amazing with our wings or braised pork.
Mochi Pandan Waffles $12 *
Pandan and coconut waffles, topped with toasted coconut and coconut caramel.


 * Late night menu. Items still available after 11pm.

Last orders for food is 11.25pm sharp.


Signature Cocktails


Avec Nous $21
In honour of Chartreuse 1605 celebrations. Green Charteuse, Cointreau, white rum, citric and lime to create a divine intervention of the tastebuds.
Sparkles at Sunset $19
Margarita spritz with honeydew, Patron Reposado, Martini Bitter and our Burrow Bar blanc de blanc! Fresh, delicious and the perfect drink for Margarita day! 
Springtime in Paris $21
Simple but dreamy. Fruity rum and blue come together in this creamy, delicious libation 
Smoke & Poke $23
A well rounded yet boozy aperitif style drink with mezcal, cognac and apricot.
Fine-apple $20
An elegant take on tiki using rye whiskey, sour pineapple and herbal spirits to make a delicious and fragrant delight.
Berry Booze-Wah $21
Refined and distinguished. Gin with berries and bitter are masterfully combined to create a delight for everyone to enjoy.
Pandan Express $20
Over the top tiki, how it should be. Rum and whiskey with a fruit salad of flavours makes for a libation as fun as it is delicious


Oldies but Goodies

Feeling like a classic? Our bartender's have chosen their favourite forgotten libations below.


Knickerbocker $20
Tiki before tiki knew what it was. A Jerry Thomas original with rum, raspberry and citrus.
Bijou $21
Elegant and perfect for readying the appetite. With gin, chartreuse and bitter this drink truly is a jewel by any measure.
OP Dark & Stormy $25
The classic turned turbo. Gosling overproof, lime and Royal Jamaican ginger beer. WARNING: CONTAINS GOOD TIMES.
Hoop La! $21
Classic by every definition. Cognac, dry vermouth, curacao and citrus make for a refreshing combination that leaves you wanting more.
Bishop $20
A new way to look at spiced wine. Earthy, spicy and delicious.


Feeling adventurous...?
Go off menu and have a little chat to us about what you like and don't like...


Tap beer



Tooheys Old
NSW, Australia. 4.4%.
Brooklyn Lager

Reckless Brewing Pale Ale
Easy & bright Pale Ale, with some light bitterness ate the end
NSW, Australia 4.6%
Kaiju Hopped Out Red Ale! $12
A hoppy and malt forward red ale, with a piney bitterness at the front and a biscuity malt base. VIC. 6.5%





Red Bitter $9
New South Wales. 4.0%
Akasha Hopsmith IPA $14
New South Wales. 6.8%
Kaiju! Krush Tropical Pale Ale $12
Vic, Australia. 4.7%
Hope Estate NEIPA 7.2 $15
New South Wales 7.2%
Rodenbach Grand Cru $16
 Belgium 6.0%
Hop Nation "The Punch" Mango Gose $14
Victoria. 4.0%
One Drop Calypso Blues 440ml $26
Botany. 8.3%
Mornington Brown Ale $11
Victoria. 5.0%
Bacchus Hazelnut Brown Ale $16
QLD. 4.9%
One Drop Double Take Imperial Raspberry Sour $29
With 420 grams of raspberry used for every litre of beer brewed, This tart and juicy number is sure to leave you craving more
Mountain Culture Moon Dust Stout $14
New South Wales 5.6%
Mountain Culture Trust Falls Hefeweizen $16
New South Wales 5.4%
Wildflower St Pheobe 2021 750ml $52
An Australian Wild Ale aged on Ebony Sun plums from NSW for 6 months, this fruity & funky number is sure to delight
750ml. NSW. 5.8%
Bridge Road B2 Bomber Mach 12.01 750ml $70
An Imperial Blegian Black IPA with Tropical fuity top notes & a rich and complex malt base, An absolutely massive beer - best shared with friends (but we won't judge if you have one to yourself)
750ml. VIC. 10.1%
Custard and Co Vintage Dry Cider $12
Western Australia. 5.5%
Hills Imperial Sour Cider $14
Adelaide. 8.0%
Willie Smith Kingston Black 750ml $55
Tasmania. 7.0%
Royal Jamaica Ginger Beer $14
Victoria. 5.0%
Balter Captain Sensible $9
Queensland. 3.5%
Bridge Road Free Time Pale Ale $9
Victoria. Non-Alcoholic Beer <0.5%


Bubbles, Blanc and Pink


Burrow Bar Blanc de Blanc
$11 glass $45 bottle 
$130 bottle
NV. Champagne, France. 
Burrow Bar Pinot Gris
$11 glass $45 bottle
20xx. None of your business, Australia.
Hugel Gentil
$15 glass $68 bottle
2018, Alsace, France.
Palliser Estate Riesling
$14 glass $63 bottle
2018, Martinborough, NZ.
Conde Valdemar Rose
$13 glass $54 bottle
2018. Rioja, Spain.





Burrow Bar Shiraz
$11 glass $50 bottle
20xx. None of your business, Australia.
Pala I Fiori Cannonau
$15 glass $68 bottle
2018. Sardinia, Italy.
Prunotto Barbera D'Alba
$13 glass $62 bottle
2019, Alba, Italy
Conde Valdemar Crianza Tempranillo
$15 glass $68 bottle
2019, Alba, Italy


10% Surcharge on Sundays and Public Holidays
1.5% Surcharge on Credit Payments