Business Unusual Menu

Welcome to Burrow Bar! 

We face yet another hurdle in the quest to survive Food and Bev in the modern climate. Our team are masked up and sanitised, and will provide food and drinks Monday - Sunday during lockdown.

Give us a call on 0450466674 if you'd like to pre-order pick up. For delivery head over to Deliveroo click here: Cash Only Diner.

It is wonderful to be shaking and stirring, even if from afar for now!

Breakfast and Lunch

Available from 7am weekdays for takeaway and pick up only from our friends at Cash Only Diner window (don't worry it's all cashless).

Coffee, breakfast rolls, pastries, Vietnamese lunch salad boxes. Cocktails to go after 12pm daily.

Delivery and pick up options for after 5pm

We can deliver if you are in the 2000 postcode, or outside of this if your order is over $100 - give us a call on 0450466674 to place your order and organise delivery or pick up. (Last order at 11pm)


From our talented chef friends at Cash Only Diner

Mixed Nuts $2
Our infamous house blend of kri kri, corn and peas
House pickles $6
Crisp housemade pickles
Crackaroni and peas $6
Made lovingly on site. Puffed macaroni and chickpeas, tossed in pho seasoning.
Cash Only Spring Rolls $12
The chefs upstairs make it all from scratch, you'll be fighting over the last one.
Sugar cane prawns $7 each
Made lovingly by the chefs upstairs, fresh prawns made into a mousse and skewered using sugar cane battons. Recommended with Banh Hoi.
Kick'n wings $14
Crispy annd saucy tamarind fish sauce wings. Absolutely amazing.
Bò Lúc Lắc skewers $16
Grilled black pepper beef served with lettuce and Viet herbs so you can make your own tasty wraps.
Beef wrapped in wild betel leaf $15
SOLD OUT. The chefs upstairs make it all from scratch, you'll be fighting over the last one.
Crispy pork belly and green mango salad $25
Ridiculously crispy pork, served with a green mango and dried shrimp salad.
Lemongrass and tumeric grilled chicken $16
Incredibly aromatic and flavourful chicken served with nuoc cham.
Cash Only fried rice $10 / $17
Brown rice, chinese sausage, garlic shoot, egg, ginger, sesame and chicharron.
Braised pork $16
Slow braised pork belly - thit kho. We recommend having it with a side of Crack rice.
Banh Hoi $5 (2 pcs)
Traditional rice noodles pressed into squares with scallion oil dressing. Best paired with sugar cane prawns.
Crack rice $8
Onsen egg, rice and chicharron dust. Goes amazing with our wings or braised pork.
Milk Sponge Cake $16
A slice of heaven. Vietnamese milk sponge cake and lush cream piped on top with a caramel and cashew dust.
Mochi Pandan Waffles $12
Pandan and coconut waffles, topped with toasted coconut and coconut caramel.



Cocktails to go

In the quest to survive the latest hurdle in the adventure that is Food & Bev. We've turned our amazing cocktails into takeaway friendly formats.
We can't wait to see you. But for now. Stay at home. But not alone.

Two sizes available: 180ml (2 serves) or 350ml (4 serves)


Blue Daiquiri $28 / $49
If happiness could be bottled it would be this. Blue, 'cause why not. Rum, tart, quaffable. Yep - perfect for our relockdown.
Classy Strawbs $28 / $49
Strawberry gin and strawberry gum Elixir. This is the type of Strawbs you want to be stumbling away from.
Rye Old Fashioned $28 / $49
Stirred. Serious. Tasty AF.
(We'll let you in on a secret, ask for a baller upgrade and choose to sub a spirit off the back bar)
Negroni $28 / $49
Classic. We barrel age our house blended negroni so it'll be a little woody and damn tasty.
Cozmo $28 / $49
Cosmos are delicious. Get the party started with this bad boy. Cranberry, tart and vodka. Yum.
Sounds Naughty Plays Nice $28 / $49
Punchy, dry and a little bit o' herbacious coffee-ness. We've Coffee infused some Fernet, added some Amaro and rum. Just for Yum.
I was in 'Nam $28 / $49
Slow drip Viet coffee gets shaken with bourbon and what is born, is a badass mocha-esqu milkshake. Yum.
Hillside Breakfast $28 / $49
Orange gin meets our house made kaffir and orange oleo. It's fresh and bright. Something you'd want to drink for breakfast overlooking rolling hills.


Feeling adventurous...?
Go off menu and have a little chat to us about what you like and don't like...



Akasha Hopsmith IPA $14.50
New South Wales. 6.8%
BentSpoke Barley Griffin Pale Ale $12.00
ACT. 4.2%
Hope Estate NEIPA 7.2 $15
New South Wales 7.2%
Rodenbach Farmhouse Red Ale $16
 Belgium 6.0%
Mornington Brown Ale $11
Victoria. 5.0%
Hop Nation "The Punch" Mango Gose $14
Victoria. 4.0%
Bacchus P.S I Love You Strawberry & Passionfruit Gose $26
Queensland. 7.8%
One Drop Double Take Double Boysenberry Imperial Sour $33
New South Wales. 440ml 10.9%
Mayday Brewing Apricot Wild Ale $50
Barrel aged for 24 months, funky and fruited farmhous style ale. 750ml - big boi and share friendly. Victoria. 7.9%
Belching Beaver Brewery Peanut Butter Stout $16
Milk stout makes a baby with peanut butter. Delightful and surprisingly light in texture. Roasted peanut. Dark chocolate. Coffee. Oceanside, CA, USA. 5.3%
Bridge Road Free Time Pale Ale $9
Victoria. <0.5%
Balter Captain Sensible $9
Queensland. 3.5%
Kaiju "Golden Axe" Crisp Apple Cider $10.50
Victoria. 5.2%


Bubbles, Blanc and Pink

Burrow Bar Blanc de Blanc
$10 glass $45 bottle
NV. None of your business, Australia.
$191 bottle
NV. Champagne, France. 
Burrow Bar Pinot Gris
$10 glass $45 bottle
20xx. None of your business, Australia.
Palliser Estate Reisling
$14 glass $63 bottle
2019. Martinborough, NZ.
Hugel Gentil
$15 glass $68 bottle
2018, Alsace, France.
Tormaresca Chardonnay 
$12 glass $54 bottle
2018. PugliaItaly.
Conde Valdemar Rose
$11 glass $50 bottle
2018. Rioja, Spain.



Burrow Bar Shiraz
$11 glass $50 bottle
20xx. None of your business, Australia.
Pala I Fiori Cannonau
$15 glass $68 bottle
2018. Sardinia, Italy.
Prunotto Barbera D'Alba
$13 glass $62 bottle
2019, Alba, Italy
Conde Valdemar Crianza Tempranillo
$15 glass $68 bottle
2019, Alba, Italy